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Looking for Jeff Gordon 1/24's

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Im looking for good deals on any of his special paintschemes

Ill take action or Winners Circle

if anyone has any of these for sale or trade let me know
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anyone have any for sale

I already have the pepsi 2002 Daytona
Superman 1999
Chrolosian 1998
Foose 2006
2000 Daytona Scheme
anyothers let me know
You forgot the one for the Racing Stripes movie. Looks like a zebra. Sweet looking car and good luck getting one at a decent price.
hhe never raced that one though Im only looking for the ones listed
What do you mean he didn't race it? I know I've seen that car.
it was a fantasy car it never hit the track
hey gordon24, i saw the 4th one down in a local store near me. 1/24 WC
Gordon24 said:
how much ron?
i would have to go back and check.
Gordon24 said:
it was a fantasy car it never hit the track
i thought he raced it at las vegas or california last year?
nah it was a fantasy car I thought
Action 2005 1/24 Scale

#24 "Jeff Gordon Racing Stripes" Chevy Monte Carlo. This car special paint scheme to coincide with the movie "Racing Stripes". It will not be run in a race.
i have seen the anniversary grey/silver car in winners circle recently and i have also seen the 2005 gordon pepsi. from what ive heard the pepsi ones are kinda hard to find in winners circle, but i found 4 of them when i found my kahne reverse pit caps. i want to say that they ran about $18-20 a piece.
i've got the action 1/24 scale jurassic park. mint car in near mint box. some shelf wear on box..
make an offer if you like.
You weren't kidding G24. That guy I got those cars from last week let a about half of those on your list go for under $15 in 1/24 action.

I didn't see this post until today or i would of told you.
zebra car never was raced, it was never even made in 1:64 by anyone.

i gave the silver 4 time champ car to toys for tots that year ... only one ive ever seen in the stores.
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