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They aren't out yet. They will be better, though. CFS's bodys aren't bad but their decaling is horrible. No taillights, random contingencys and never any in front of the front tires, associate sponsors are usually left off, and they don't even always get the paint scheme right!!

On the plus side, though, they don't have that God-awfull clearcoat and they actually include the Bud Pole Award logo (sometimes, anyway). As of this year MA has dropped that, after Action added it to the cars in 1997.

Action has opening hoods, accurate paint markings (mostly), more accurate wheels and tires, and all sponsors are represented, and they have the proper graphics package, including taillights!

The first MA CoT is not due until July...I would bet they ARE having trouble with it, because they are probably trying to put the spoiler braces on, the CFS car just left them off completly.

I am wondering if the wing will be a seperate piece or just be a big chunk of metal on the back of the car like CFS is.
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