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Man charged for having pot at Norfolk courthouse
© April 25, 2007 | Last updated 11:06 PM Apr. 24

NORFOLK - So this guy walks into court to pay a traffic ticket, right, and when he empties his pockets at the metal detector he pulls out a bag of green leafy stuff.

And the dude who is screening everyone at the metal detector is like, hey, is this pot?

The sergeant comes over and says, "Young man, are you high?"

No, the guy says. He says he loaned his pants to a friend to go out in the night before, and that he didn't even check the pockets before coming to court on Monday. The guy says he has asthma. And the deputies are like, what is it, medicinal?

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The Sheriff's Office sends over its drug-sniffing dog, and the dog sniffs, and is like, yeah, this smells like marijuana. About $10 worth.

So the Sheriff's Office charges the guy, Charles Jason, 28, with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He's got to come back to court Thursday. :doh:

No joke.
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