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Marco Andretti Diecast Question

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Hey guys! I'm a Marco Andretti and Andretti Autosport fan and I'm really new to Indy Car and Indy Car die-cast collecting. I have just started collecting them and I want to know all the 1/64s for Marco that were produced. So, I conducted a list of all the ones that I found. Please tell me if there were any I missed. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!:)

I searched around eBay and these were the ones that I found:
2006 Marco Andretti NYSE
2007 Marco Andretti NYSE
2008 Marco Andretti Indiana Jones/Blockbuster
2008 Marco Andretti Star Wars the Clone Wars/Blockbuster
2009 Marco Andretti Meijer
2013 Marco Andretti Royal Crown Cola
2014 Marco Andretti Snapple
2015 Marco Andretti Snapple
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