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Here are a few cars I'm looking for:

2011 Crown Royal Patriotic
2010 Crown Royal Black
2004 IROC chrome
2005 IROC chrome
2006 IROC chrome

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They only produced the 2004 IROC in Chrome and there were 288 produced.

In 2005 they produced the IROC in brushed metal and there were 288 produced.

In 2006 they produced the IROC in Pearl and there were 100 produced.

I will keep my eyes open for you and I will also see if I have any of the newer cars that you are looking for in my store.


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I have the 2007 Nano in stock...new in box, has the plastic shrink wrap covering it...CFS car

I also have the Crown Royal Brushed Metal 1 of 315 for 2010 in stock...not many around, I bought out Action's inventory at the time and I know I returned at least a dozen of these due to poor finish quality.

I believe the 2011 Patriotic cars are still available.....pm me if you're interested in any
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