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Won two more 1/24 Racing Champions promos on-line to add to the collection on the wall.

The Arvin promo is from 2000 and must have been commissioned just before the merger with Meritor that same year. Promotional models from companies that either changed their name or no longer exist are highly interesting to me.

The other is the 1993 Racing Champions Collector's Club model. It just seemed fitting to have one since most of my collection up on the wall is by Racing Champions.

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Tire Automotive lighting

Font Line Motor vehicle Advertising Event

Car Vehicle Tire Hood Wheel

Vehicle Tire Car Wheel Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

Tire Vehicle Wheel Hood Toy

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Luggage and bags Bag

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Only two days left to enter for COTM. let's not let January go buy without a winner.

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