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I realize that the Golden Wheel copy of the mid-1990's 1/24 RC Monte Carlo casting isn't most collector's cup-of-tea. They copied the body contours so well, then blew the appearance with laughably large bumps for the hood and trunk latches. However, I have an eye for the odd-balls and off-beat models of which these are well qualified. I now have 5 of these models.

From what I have been able to piece together, these models were originally created for the toy isles of places like Wal-Mart and Target. The graphics are almost always laughable in some way or other, since the designer's were trying to skirt trademark issues. Later they were offered as corporate trade show and convention premiums marketed to companies and organizations. Some were issued as banks with a coin slot under the spoiler and a locking door on the baseplate. Others don't have that feature. I have shown the blank white model I purchased previously in an earlier thread. Below are the new additions. (Note that the Pepsi models were a 2-for-1.)

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The Pepsi models are both banks with the coin slot. "EDDIE WINNER" was intended to be a made-up driver's name. However, it turns out that there is a real Eddie Winner who is a collegiate track-and-field athlite.

View attachment 731009

View attachment 731010

The Automotive Recyclers Association model was a trade show model, and is covered with the names of all of the yards in Arizona. Personally I find the concept hilarious, but then a lot of race cars end up there...

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The Lennox Live model is another trade show model for Lennox affiliates in 2005. This casting carried on long after the model became outdated. Again I find it hilarious that the number on the roof is upside-down.

View attachment 731013

The Golden Wheel models beside the RC casting of the same vintage.

So, if anyone has any other Golden Wheel promo or trade show models they want to tempt me with... I'm listening.

Never knew they existed but I think they don't look too bad. Will be on the lookout in my travels.
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