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First off is JJ Yeley's first career Cup start car from 2004. I really screwed this one up badly. When I was taking it apart I accidentally broke the chassis and the rear axle falls out now. The superglue also fogged the windows.

Next up is Mike Bliss's 2005 Geek Squad car...I love this car! Unfortunatly, I eyeballed the paint and it doesn't look good because of it.

Here is Jimmy Means' 1993 NAPA Thunderbird. This is my first custom for myself with an opening hood, and again, it's ruined because I eyeballed the paint instead of masking it. It won't happen again. Unfortunatly the decals shread, chip and crack very easily, even if you just run your finger over it.

These next ones are of better quality then those above.
Bill Elliott's 2006 Burger King version one. I had this finished before I knew Team Caliber was going to issue it I like my choice of gold better, however.

Carl Edwards 2005 Pennzoil...This one has been in the works for a long, long time! As you may or may not know, my mom strips all the cars for me, and this is one of the first three I gave her to do back in I think, April or May! It is the last one that was stripped without being taken apart, and was a Dale Jarrett test car. Also had to wait because the first decals I ordered were unusable, a rare occurance with my decal making friend! So, finally, it's done!

2004 Tony Raines Marathon Oil...this one came out pretty good, I think, especially considering the car I used was black, and I had to paint it white (not very fun!) It was a Brian Vickers Green Day car. Unfortunatly the roof got scratched when I was taking it outside to take the pictures just a few moments ago Even with the dreaded clearcoat these cars are just so darn fragile.
I have Kyle Petty's 2006 Marathon car in progress right now.

This one is not a new one, but one of the first I did. However, the pictures I had of it stunk, so I took some new ones! Unfortunatly it's taken some damage...before I had a place to display them they got moved around alot and this one took the toll...Even now they are not in a great spot, just lined up on my windowsill, thankfully the window frame is large enough to keep the sun off them. I want to invest in a multi-car, chrome backed case but have not had the chance yet!

Thank you for looking!

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Hats off to the guys who do customs, and a big WOW to the guys who do custom 1/64ths. Those are as good if NOT BETTER than the factory cars. Very very sweet! Too impressive!
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