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It has been raining off and on since about three or so here, so I decided to turn it into an iRacing (and DCZ) day. I'm sitting here turning laps at Daytona - in a bump draft - with my trusty sidekick, Shadow (my cat) sitting on a shelf. It seems to start raining again and I just shrug it off.. until my cat starts panicking and runs to hide. She rarely does this with rain when she's near someone, so I kept racing and then realized.. it's not rain. It's hailing. I went and found her under my bed so I just hung around my room until it ended.. two hours later. Okay, maybe not.. it was more of fifteen minutes but it feel like hours. Enjoy..

So that was my story time..

PS: I dumped the guy I was pushing when I realized it was hail. Oops..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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