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My only gripe about this diecast is I'm not seeing the $40 difference between the regular no trunk open and the elite....
Lionel is on a train to no where 鈥. the detail has materially declined since 2013 鈥 detail took another nose dive in 2018.

2022 鈥 new NextGen mold 鈥 overall declining demand gets worse every year .. Lionel is desperate to break even 鈥 lower detail .. lower demand 鈥 forces higher prices to survive.

Lionel leadership (good ole marketing boys who never understood their monopoly market) decided in 2013 mass marketing cheaper toys to a younger demographic (limited resources) to maintain the relatively same price points would increase demand .. nine years later the same failed factory MOQ business model continues to dictate supply and price vs. real market demand.

Bottom line .. expect the declining quality product trend and declining demand to continue 鈥 the good ole days of this hobby are long gone.

It is what it is 鈥 I jumped off the train in 2018. Lionel plays the same broken record every year.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts