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i have wanted this TH since Larkin found it a couple of months ago. im not big into hot wheels, the only think i collect is the mystery packs and i dont open them. i have said i just want to get one and that i probably wouldnt even keep it, until this one. well Larkin when hunting the other day and found another one. Larkin let me know that i am the new proud owner of it. it is a "Tattoo Hut" Dairy Delivery.

just happens to be that Larkin also collects the mystery cars but he opens his and i happened up on a mystery that looked like the plastic got cracked in shipping. i dont buy them unless they havent been tampered with. well after looking through the crack i noticed that to my knowledge he didnt have this one and picked it up anyway. well it turns out that he needed that one. so it kinda worked out for both of us

my mystery collection so far
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