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My Kyle Busch 2010 1:64 M&M's Pretzel Diecast

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Had this diecast for a very, VERY Long time, It's nice, and very good, Only inaccuracies is that it has the old 2007-early 2010 COT wing instead of the spoiler and no Sam's Club logo . Here's A pic
Vehicle Toy Wood Motorsport Racing
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My bad, accidentally posted it in the wrong forum.
My bad, accidentally posted it in the wrong forum.
I moved it to Show and Tell for you.
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Very nice piece. I don't own it but I always thought it was a sharp scheme.
I have More! Gonna post them soon!
Really sweet Busch car! I loved that scheme so much that it was the only Kyle Busch car I bought that year.
I hated Kyle Busch, but that's the only one I kept from that year because it was the Pretzel scheme.
Nice Busch diecast.
Very nice
great car. can't wait to see the rest of your collection.
Nice add
Yeah that has always drove me nuts too that it didn't have the spoiler. It's a cool paint scheme for sure !

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