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NASCAR’s all-time victory list ( top 20 )

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Jimmie Johnson‘s victory Sunday at Atlanta Motor Speedway tied him with Dale Earnhardt on NASCAR’s career victory list.
Here’s the list of the sport’s top 20 winners

1. Richard Petty … 200 wins
2. David Pearson … 105
3. Jeff Gordon … 93
4. Bobby Allison … 84
Darrell Waltrip … 84
6. Cale Yarborough … 83
7. Dale Earnhardt … 76
Jimmie Johnson … 76
9. Rusty Wallace … 55
10. Lee Petty … 54
11. Junior Johnson … 50
Ned Jarrett … 50
13. Herb Thomas … 48
Tony Stewart … 48
15. Buck Baker … 46
16. Bill Elliott … 44
17. Mark Martin … 40
18. Tim Flock … 39
19. Bobby Isaac … 37
20. Matt Kenseth … 36

NASCAR’s all-time victory list
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I would think Kyle Busch wouldn't be too far out of 20th place. He's got to have close to 36 wins.
I would think Kyle Busch wouldn't be too far out of 20th place. He's got to have close to 36 wins.
He's sitting on 34 wins right now. Not far at all.

I find it interesting that Matt Kenseth is only five wins from passing his mentor Mark Martin.
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I guess it's still possible but I really thought Tony Stewart would get to win number 50.
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I have to imagine Kyle Busch hasn't even scratched the surface on his potential win count yet. I see him eventually hitting the 70+ column if he keeps his head on straight.
Really shows you how tough it is to get to 50 wins through a career. Look at some of those names on the list. Even as good a Kyle has been lately, he has raced for 10 years now with the big boys...We are not seeing anymore of those 10 win seasons anymore...
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I really hope Tony goes on a tear when he comes back, because I would love for him to exceed 50 wins!
In the 90's, 7 of those drivers were racing against each other. And yet we hear about how much stronger the competition is today. Yesterday, only 2 of those 20 were on the track.
I see this and just wonder what could've been if Tony Stewart had less troubles and injuries the past handful of years.
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An elite group for sure.
I really thought Jeff Gordon would have broke the 100 mark. If he had not struggled so bad in 2008-2010, he probably would have broke 100 career wins.
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