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3/27/2012 FACT - (3-27-12 @ 10:00 pm) - The NCRA opens their 2012 season this Saturday night at 81 Speedway in Park City, KS. This is building to be one heck of a season opener. Drivers that are exptected to be there are Danny Jennings, Jason Johnson, Jack Dover, Wayne Johnson, Don Droud, Jr., CJ Johnson, Jason Martin, Jeff Stasa, Patrick Stasa, Mike Peters, Jeremy Campbell, Tony Bruce, Jr., Dustin Morgan, the Arnold sisters, and Brady Bacon in the Washburn Motorsports #0 team. This race is paying $4,000 to win as well as being the first sprint car race in the central part of the country. I'm sure they will get 40+ sprint cars. The racing starts at 7:00 pm so if your a spirnt car fan in the area, make your way down to watch a great night of racing.

Article Credit: Brad "IBRACN" Brown
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