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Sorry guys. I dont mean to be a pain about prices but if I were to post a couple of cars I have would I be able to get some ideas on pricing?
I have some Racing Champions from 90 & 91 that im not sure about.

Also have:
2003 Robby Gordon #31 FDNY signed car.
1994 Tony Schumacher Army dragster signed.
Racing champions 1993 1/64th Harry Gant. Blister pack is signed.
Action Ron Hornaday Napa Truck signed.

Let me know what you think. Again sorry of im being a pest about this.

Johnny B.

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I suggest joining the DieCast Registry. They offer a price guide on there with membership (1st time membership I believe is 9.95 for a year). Their price guide is the best out there because they get their prices from actual sales of the cars. I am yet to find a diecast car NOT listed on there. They will even show you what signed cars sell for so long as they have a sample from an online purchase. Here is the link below:

Diecast Registry®

Hope this helps! When I get home later tonight, I can look up the prices for those cars as they are right now according to the registry.
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