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New Car Of Tomorrow 1/64 scale?

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Dose anyone know if M/A will be making the COT in the 1/64 scale?
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CFS says they will be doing the COT in 1/64. In fact they cancelled the Mayfield regular Toyota and will only be releasing the COT version
do you know if and when they will be coming out?
The only thing I've seen says late April/May.
so they sould be coming out pretty soon then. Can't wait to see what they look like.
February 13, 2007

Re: Car of Tomorrow Update

Dear Valued Dealers:

The purpose of this letter is to provide a quick update regarding the Car of Tomorrow Diecast and its availability from Motorsports Authentics.

Many of you have called and have expressed concern that the product will not be available to you, our Dealer Network. We have heard your concerns and assure you that Motorsports Authentics intends to launch a full line of authentic Car of Tomorrow products for the 2007 season. All will be available to the Dealer Network.

As many of you are probably aware, the Car of Tomorrow for the four manufacturers were approved in late December or early January. Motorsports Authentics and its manufacturing partners have been busy at work, since fall of last year, creating the models and templates necessary to begin the tooling required to produce Diecast.

Once the on-track cars received final approval from the manufacturers and NASCAR, our team carefully measured, photographed and reviewed the actual cars to ensure the utmost in accuracy and detail. The manufacturing process is underway but there is still work to be done. We will work diligently to expedite approvals and deliveries without compromise to quality or authenticity.

We will send sale sheets with the necessary information as soon as it is available. Given the delays with on-track testing, the car manufacturer’s approval, the creation of new molds, and based on the fact all manufacturing facilities are closed for two weeks in February, the car will not make it in time for the Bristol race. However, we will get sales sheets to you in plenty of time to afford you the opportunity to pre-sell the cars to collectors and loyal customers.

Understanding the need to get product to market as soon as possible and based on your desire to get the cars more quickly, we will release cars as they are approved and become available. We will not hold them until all models are ready. The 1:24 scale Drivers Select models have been moved to the top of the priority list based on sales, with other scale models to follow as soon as possible. We do not plan a Car of Tomorrow release to mass channels this year.

It has been long time since a totally new model has been introduced to the sport. As with all new models and the related innovation, it has had some natural start-up challenges. As difficult as it has been for the manufacturers and Teams, our production timeline is actually longer than theirs. However, we will continue to do whatever is necessary to get the cars to you as soon as we possibly can.

The Car of Tomorrow represents an opportunity for all of us to reach out to new and existing collectors. We can sell them additional die cast models to add to their collection. We will manage the production so that we uphold the value over time. On behalf of our Team, thank you for your patience and continued support of Motorsports Authentics.

Best regards,

Motorsports Authentics
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I particularly like the last paragraph with respect to 'managing production to ensure value over the long term' or whatever. Basically those DIN #s are going to be important as I was told a while back. Good that it will increase value but it also means savings to them as they do not have to warehouse the 10,000 extra Dale Junior cars they overproduce. Hopefully.

I had just heard the same info from one of the trackside guys and was going to post it. Kind of how I found this, I was proofing to make sure I did not double post the info. Thanks harsh!!
I had heard as well, they MIGHT be avaialble by Bristol, maybe the following week. Hard to say.
Hope they have them here at Bristol. Im not big on 1:64 but I may get a few 1:24.
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