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This should be my last 'new arrivals' post for a while. I'm outta room and have spent too much money. lol. But here's about a week's worth of diecast pick ups. All 1/24ths from ebay.

Denny Hamlin - 2006 Motorsports Authentics FedEx Ground Chevrolet Monte Carlo/First Win Raced Version (1 of 2,952)

Denny Hamlin - 2006 Motorsports Authentics FedEx Kinkos Chevrolet Monte Carlo/Pocono Win Raced Version (1 of 1,560)

Ward Burton - 1999 Action/Mac Tools Collector's Club Caterpillar Pontiac Grand Prix (1 of 5,004)

Ward Burton - 2000 Racing Champions 'Fan Appreciation' Caterpillar Pontiac Grand Prix (No Bull 5 look, will go great with the Daytona 500 $1,000,000 bill I have with Ward's pic on it)

Denny Hamlin - 2007 Winner's Circle '2006 Rookie of the Year' FedEx Chevrolet Grand Prix (thanks Darce for picking it up for me)

Now I have all of Hamlin's win cars. I just need the Home Delivery and ROY 1/24ths and I'll be really happy. I really wanted that No Bull 5 car for a while and I never had a 1999 car of Ward. Good week.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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