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1. What are your favorite colors? Dont really have one
2. What are your favorite foods? Pizza
3. What are your favorite numbers?
4. What are your favorite books? 3, 88
5. What are your favorite movies? Transformers live action, All of the Avengers characters live action movies, any movie that will keep me awake
6. What kind of music do you like? Classic rock
7. Who are your favorite artists? Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Ozzy...
8. What is your favorite sport? NASCAR, Husker football
9. Favorite teams? Dale Jr, Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, and a bandwagon Husker fan
10. What are your favorite tv shows? Two and a Half Men (with Charlie), Big Bang Theory
11. What is your name? Jim
12. Where are you from? Omaha, NE
13. How did you find our community? Surfing the WWW

I am 27 years young, married, and have been collecting since my parents gave me my first diecast; a 1995 Earnhardt silver select bank when they both worked at a car dealership that also distributed diecast here in Omaha. I previously worked at the same dealer and have been in the automotive industry since I was 14. I was fairly aware of NASCAR at a young age but its when my collection kicked off with that first diecast that I became a die hard Earnhardt fan. Later my dad became a traveling sales rep for a local company and I would ride along with him and thats when we starting hunting for anything NASCAR so over those years I acquired alot of random cars. I always bought what the dealer could get but I took a break from collecting when Dale died. In the past few years my interest has re-kindled and now I've been searching for the higher-end cars. I recently acquired a 1998 Dale Sr Bass Pro 24k gold elite, and last years big score for me was an Under the Lights elite. I probably paid too much for both but I'm a collector, not a flipper, so seeing them sitting in my display makes it worth it to me.

I have been lurking around here for a while now. I've been a member of other forums whose members jump my case when asking a legitimate question so I feel a little reluctant to say anything. Im happy to say I don't get that vibe from this community. I apologize in advance if I ask something stupid and will contribute when I feel have something of value to contribute.


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Greetingsss! Welcome to the site!

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Nice to have a Earnhardt fan join and a Big Bang Theory liker too!!

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I probably paid too much for both but I'm a collector, not a flipper, so seeing them sitting in my display makes it worth it to me.
I really like how you described yourself. The same exact way applies to me as well when it comes to my collection.

..And Welcome to DCZ Jim!
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