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Hi all,

A coworker got me involved, thanks in advance for all the help and information.

Welcome to DCZ Eric!

Tell us more about urself. :)

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thanks guys! Username came from back in middle school (one of those - 'you can't make fun of someone that already made fun of themselves' names).

Anyway, have around 300 1/24th scale diecast, about 30 of which are danbury/franklin mint - a token amount of racing stuff. I grew up heavily involved with cars, and my dad found model cars a great way for me to be involved when I was young (too young to work on real cars) - learning their shape, etc.
He still gets me at least one model each year at Christmas for fun :)

I did have dreams of being an automotive designer, for which I even took classes for and I thank my dad for the inspiration - my model cars gave me this since youth, but I just turned out to be a Mech. Engineer instead, lol (more conservative path).

Lately I have been trying to replicate my personal cars in 1/18th scale, I'll post those later :) (just some old BMW stuff)

When I was younger, my dad and I did this with our family fun cars (a '02 orange firebird, a '78 red ferrari 308, and a gold '67 firebird).

I'm excited to see all that this site has to offer! Thanks!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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