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Newey: Merc could be hiding something | Planet F1 | Formula One News

Although nine of their rivals opted to launch their 2012 cars ahead of the Jerez test, Mercedes GP revealed mid-January that they would wait until the second outing at Barcelona.
The team insisted that it was not an issue nor were there any problems; running at the second test was just in keeping with their timeframe.
However, Red Bull's technical director Adrian Newey reckons there may be another reason for the late debut.
"I was told by the German press, whether this is true or not, that the car was ready to run at the last test but they chose not to and why would that be?" he said before being inducted into the Motor Sport magazine Hall of Fame.
"I said I've got no idea but why you might choose to do that would be if you had some feature on your car which you think is a big benefit and which is relatively easily copied.
"I'm not saying that is the reason, but it's a possible reason."
Mercedes GP put their new challenger through its paces in a private shakedown at Silverstone on Thursday while the car will make its public debut at Barcelona next Tuesday.
And Newey says all eyes will be on the W03 and its performance.
"If it comes out and goes three seconds quicker than anybody else, yes of course," he said.
"Other than that, simply because its later doesn't mean to say you are going to suddenly show more attention at that than anybody else's."
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