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New Hampshire International Speedway's president, Bob Bahre, confirmed to FOX Sports today that he and Boston Red Sox owner John Henry have had discussions in the past month about the sale of the Loudon track to Henry's Roush Fenway Racing. No deal has been made.(Union Leader)(9-10-2007)


This would be AWESOME! The Bahres have done a great job with the track. But Bob is getting old and wants to sell the track. What's better than to sell it to Roush-Fenway? Owner John Henry has already shown great interest in racing, and to tie in the Boston Red Sox and Loudon would be great. They've really improved Fenway Park (and the Red Sox team for that matter) and made the park into a beautiful place to visit. I hope they can do the same for NHIS. Maybe even giving the fans and drivers what they want... some banking.
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