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Old School Racing Tour opened it's online Collectible store, I emailed and asked about die-cast. They said at first the car that will be available soon, will be the showcar. If the interest is there, they will add cars.

Mooresville, NC – Fans can now purchase racing gear for the hottest new racing series to debut in years. The Old School Racing Champions Tour (OSRCT) has launched an online store where fans of racing legends can purchase official OSRCT merchandise.

“Adding a store so fans can wear OSRCT gear is just another step in the right direction as our series sets for its debut,” said OSRCT Managing Partner Gene Weaver. “The store is new for us but due to high demand by our fans we knew it was something that we had to do.”

Items currently in the store include T-Shirts and hats with new merchandise being added all the time.

The hats are gray and have the OSRCT logo on the front, Old School Racing on the side and Champions Tour on the back.

The shirts carry the OSRCT logo on the front and the inaugural 2008 season scheduled on the back. These great shirts are sure to be a collector’s item as the inaugural season can only be ran once.

Future items for the OSRCT store will include mouse pads, driver T-shirts, mugs and more. Fans can check out the OSRCT Store at http://www.osrct.com/store.htm. SCR
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