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Looking for the following cars in 1/24 scale. NO BANKS!

1996 #37 Little Ceasers
1996 #87 Burger King (Racing Champions)
1997 #14 Burger King (Action)
1997 #26 KFC (Action)
1997 #29 Scooby Doo
1997 #29 Flinstones
1997 #29 Cow and Chicken
1998 #5 Kelloggs (Action)
1998 #9 Cartoon Network
1998 #9 Cartoon Network Birthday
1998 #36 Skittles Wildberry (Action)
1998 #50 BUD (Action)
1998 #98 Thorn Apple crazy (Action) (FOUND!)
1999 #9 Dexters Lab (Action)
1999 #16 TV Guide (Team Caliber)
1999 #16 Clemson (Team Caliber)
1999 #45 10-10-345 Lucky Dog (Action)
1999 #94 McDonalds (Action)
2000 #8 Bud (Action)
2000 #8 Bud/Olmpic (Action)
2000 #94 McDonalds (Action)
2000 #94 McDonalds Mcflurry (Action)
2001 #5 Looney Tunes (Action)
2001 #24 Looney Tunes (Action)

I know i can find all of these cars really cheap on Ebay but i was curious if any members had any of these for a great deal.

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Thats true .... those cars on ebay are around $5.00 & $10.00 dollar diecasts. The shipping would be more expensive than the diecasts. The only way to get them really cheap on eBay would to buy them in a large lot with a reasonable ship rate. I think I've had nearly all of those that are on your list at one time or another but I doubt that I still have them. Over the years I've cleared out a lot of the old stuff but I have a couple of large boxes I'll have to look into. I honestly don't even know whats in the boxes, all I know for sure is that none of them are worth much. I'll get check in the boxes later this afternoon because I'll have some spare time today .... it looks like rain in Fontana
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