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... got nothing. Orient doesn't quite work and I'm not feeling overly creative.

Landed this one off market. It was truly hunted. The seller was reluctant to part with it but we arrived a number at which he'd sell.

I wanted this one because it was the only pearl finish version produced. I have 6 of the Elites (of 240). This pearl finish was the Last Bobby Labonte car on my list. Generally speaking the hand signed cars don't do anything for me but in this case it was nice he included a pic of the car being signed.

Wishlist is now down to 18. The bottom section of the list are cars I have but will almost always grab.


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Good looking add 👍🏻 Very low number made & clean legit signature from the HOF’er. Seen a few cars off your list on FEEBAY. Viper, Shine On’s and a few others. Congrats 🎉 on knocking another off the list 😉
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