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Perks of the NASCAR life.

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Made my way to Atlanta this past weekend, to witness history with the 48 getting his 76th win. Was able to go down to victory lane and shake Jimmie, Rick Hendrick, Chad Knaus, and Ron Malec's hands and took a few pictures of them with the trophy. I also got to take pictures and get my friends on track, in the garage and in the flag stand to take some cool pictures together after the race. We had a blast!


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Yeah, looks like you had a great time! Awesome pictures too!
Great pictures and somebody had a blast. Congrats.
Great pictures,Thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing these cool pics Chris. Looks like everyone had a real good time.
Very nice
That is awesome! Must've been a really great experience!
Great photos Chris !!!! Glad you had such of great time.
Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like you had a great time!
Great pictures, thanks for sharing
Looks like a hell of a time!
That was pretty cool you where able to be in Victory Lane, Chris. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
That's awesome! Congrats!
Looks like a really great time...Congrats!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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