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If you look up in the westerly sky tonight, and for several coming nights, you see two very bright objects. The smaller of the two is the largest planet is our solar system, (but farther away) Jupiter. The larger is Venus. If you turn around and look essentially directly across the sky from them, a bright reddish dot is Mars.

Luckily, they have been visible during the "Blue Hour", the only time of night people without DSLR camera can photograph the moon and yes, even planets :)

Can you see it?

Here's a Panorama- it's slightly adjusted by me, because Mars is too far away to get it naturally- I cut out part of the open sky- but Mars is the little reddish dot dead center on the left, and you can see Venus through the trees, however Jupiter is obscured by a branch.

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That's pretty cool!
Thanks for sharing.
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