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Driver Picks will be posted here. If your driver wins they will be highlighted in Green. if you pick a driver twice at anytime during the season without the picks being reset, then you will receive negative points and the pick will be highlighted in Red.

Ron3fan: Hamlin, Truex, Kyle Busch
Emwtri: Byron, Kyle Busch, Elliott
Kshook: Kurt Busch, Logano, Bell
Kehlracers: Kurt Busch, Keselowski, Kyle Busch
48Rocks: Kurt Busch, Truex, Keselowski
Iatse201: Elliott, Harvick, ----
Labontefan01: Kyle Busch, Truex, Kurt Busch
Parkfan62: Hamlin, Bell, Kurt Busch
Texas3: Kurt Busch,
Truex, Larson
Dotcomcollectorguy: Harvick, Truex, Kurt Busch
Bandit33: Harvick, Truex, Hamlin
Matt9975: Truex, Byron, Harvick
T-Bone: Hamlin, Truex, Kurt Busch
1432Stewart: Reddick, Almirola, Blaney
Mike KB-41: Larson, , ---, ---
One4smoke: Truex, Almirola, Kyle Busch
PatrickMcInerney11: Kyle Busch, Larson, Hamlin
McMurrayfan1: Bell, Almirola, Kurt Busch
903 Motorsports: Larson, Truex, Kurt Busch
Jrajcok: Truex, , ---, Kyle Busch
Oldtimer: Kyle Busch, Hamlin, ---
Jman54: ---,
Truex, Byron

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