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Jimmie Johnson 1/64 Championship car. Wife had him autograph it on front bubble.

Wife meeting Jimmie Johnson.

Lowes 60th & Daytona Raced Autographed by Jimmie Johnson.

Jimmie Johnson hero card autographed.

Jeff Gordon 2007 Pepsi & Nicorette cars.

Gordon COT card.

Give me a HELL YEA!

Stone Cold Auto.

WC 1/64 championship car.

Kyle Bush leaving bathroom prior to Busch race. LOL!

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8Bob29 said:
Nice stuff... hows Stone Cold in person? He seems like a really nice guy.
Thanks everyone!
Stone Cold was on the local radio show starting friday, and he was back on there saturday, and sunday morning. He was very nice and talkative about the 'business', and did a little promoting his movie. LOL!
I got to talk to him a quick second about when I seen him and Brian Pillman in Shreveport, and Vader was wrestling British Bulldog Davie boy Smith, and Vader got hurt. Steve came out and watched them load him, and was walking out the back of the arena, so I just started walking beside him and tried to talk to him, but he was in character back then. I asked him if I could take a picture, and he said "I guess you can?" and he kept walking and eating his apple. He said that was a good story, and he kinda remembered when Vader got hurt that night.
The radio station people were very supportive of him and they talked highly of him when he was not there.
I don't know what thier web site is, but they probably have some stuff up if you can find FREE FM, The Talk That Rocks, 105.3 Dallas.

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