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I was finally able to get out some this week and do a little diecast hunting. I didn't find all that much for my self but did pick up a few new items for the collection. I found the Newman Hauler, Although it is going to Dragon for his Ryan Newman collection. I picked my self up the four series three hot wheels classics, The 2007 shell hood ornament, The Kevin Harvick 1/64th car ornament, and the 2007 Shell Santa. had to add those since I have all the Santa figurines and ornaments that have been produced for Earnhardt Sr. and Harvick they had to be added. I also picked up the Autozone raced version daytona win. Darce helped me out with all the WC 1/64 pit passes and hoods. These are the Canadian releases! DP picked me up the Hrvick WC Daytona 500 race win, the two 1/64th Earnhardt Jr. sharpie & test car and did a great job on the Reeses Cookie 1/24th Action custom for me. Eric found the Stewart Raced version 1/24th WC and finally the #33 cmping world car that Happy29 picked up for me!! As you can see I have been fortunate enough to have met some really good friends and I would like to Thank each and everyone for there part in helping me out when I was down. As you can see. Being pinned down with no way to go didn't stop the diehard collector in me. Hope you enjoy!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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