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Pollock: PURE engine near ready - Racer.com

Craig Pollock says his PURE engine is so advanced with its preparations it could race in 2013 if it needed to.
"Absolutely. We could be ready to race it in 2013," Pollock told AUTOSPORT. "But the regulations stipulate something else.
"The engine is far enough advanced now that we know that we could, if we had to, if the sport dictated it to us, we could have it in a car for 2013 racing."
PURE will enter Formula 1 in 2014, when the sport will switch to V6 turbo power units. Pollock's company has been linked with McLaren, a rumor that was denied by the team earlier this year.
Pollock suggested he is no hurry to secure deals with F1 teams, as he reckons there is still plenty of time.
"We haven't even overtly thought about it at the moment," Pollock said. "We've got 18 months after the month of July, if you think about it like that. And as we are testing in July with full race engines, it's not with a mono cylinder, it's really directly into the full race engine, we've got quite a bit of time.
"But, the way everything is going in the sport, you've got three suppliers today: you've got Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault. In the rules it's relatively clear that unless there are exceptional circumstances, any manufacturer can only supply their own team and two other teams, so there's maximum three for Ferrari, three for Mercedes including their own team and there is three for Renault."
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