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So many people ask all the time, so here are some links to a few websites where I have gotten my protectopaks. As you will find out, the more you order at one time, the less you pay per item.

Here is the first and most popular for the regular cards with stickers or trading cards known as the "Universal Protectopak". These are the ones that are made of very heavy gauge plastic that can take a beating. Look for the item numbers that start with BB747 the last 2 digits of the item number are related to the quantity



Here is a second link for the ones that fit the hoods. They are the "ORIGINAL" style Racing Champions case, NOT the "space Saver". they are thinner than the "protectopak" brand, but they fit the hoods and keep them protected.


Here is a link to a website for the protectopaks for the older Winner's Circle/ Hasbro Starting Lineups. These are the 5" figures like the Dale Sr. "Great Wins"


If you have any other sites you would recommend, please post them here. I know people ask about them all the time. Hope this helps.
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