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Two things I forgot to add. Just like with the '63 Chevys, they once again misspelled Lee Roy Yarborough's name on the card, but correctly on the car.

And I mentioned that across both releases, there were meant to be 16 cars, but you may have noticed there are only 11 pictured here. As far as I know, the other 5 we're never made or released. I had an old price guide from around 1993 or 1994 that listed 5 more cars in the set, so these are what I guess those were supposed to be.

#12 Tiny Lund
#22 Fireball Roberts in red and white
#49 Banjo Matthews
#59 Tiger Tom Pistone
#67 Red Wickersham

I would have really liked to see that red and white Fireball Roberts Pontiac. Maybe one day, I'll make some customs of the 5 that were meant to be but weren't.
Maybe custom the Reb Wickersham w the "stars and bars" on the hood like he ran it!
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