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Continuing from my last posts of the 1963 Ford Galaxies, 1963 Chevy Impalas and 1962 Pontiac Catalinas, next up we have the 1965 Ford Galaxies.

This set was released in 2 releases, the Legends Series One boxes in 1992 and the Collector Series boxes in 1993. The first set claims each car is 1 if 16, but as you can see, only a total of 11 were released.

The first release had 6 cars.
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Of course it wouldn't be an RCCA release without misspelling a driver's name. Here Reb's card calls him Red Wickersham. Reb was a nickname short for Rebel.
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I've read that there were several drivers who's licenses didn't come through, so RCCA couldn't release their cars, but who knows how much truth there is to that?
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I have an old price guide that listed 2 cars that were never released as far as I know. The #27 car was supposedly planned to be released as driven by Cale Yarborough, which I've seen in a much later release by Action in 1/24 scale. It looks nearly the same as the A.J. Foyt car except for the name on the roof, but not made in 1/64 scale. The #28 car was also listed driven by Dick Hutcherson, but also never released.
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The second release only had 5 cars.
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I love the light blue Wendell Scott car. His backstory is pretty incredible, and it's a shame he wasn't awarded Rookie of the Year. Even more a shame that his first win in 1964, at Speedway Park, was given to Buck Baker, not officially recognized until 2 years later and not given a trophy for the win until 57 years later! It's crazy how much he was able to do with so little.
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I also like Dan Gurney's #121 car owned by the Wood Brothers.
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I really wish that someday they gona make it in the 1/24 scale , they are amazing , it’s probably my favorite era of the stock car . This and the mid 80’s . Congrats on those sweet oldschool adds
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