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All cleaned & ready for a change I've wanted to do for a long long time.
Purple Wood Rectangle Shelving Hardwood

All done & set up..
Emptied The curio & gave it a good cleaning. I've been wanting to do just a Dodge COT cabinet for a long long time. So that's what I did. Still have 20 left in a Carney case. Plus all the non COT Dodges.
Anyway, I went with a 7 car curve per shelf. I love the way it looks, hope you do too.
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Very nice Mike 鈥 love curio displays 鈥 appears you may have space for another shelf up top. :cool:

Love the blue 鈥滾ite鈥 and red 鈥淏ud鈥 curves .. they really POP!! 馃槼馃槺馃ぉ

Time for another curio 鈥 ;)

Thanks for sharing. (y)
LOL. I have another one, I just haven't got around to adding the led lights to it. It is full though. Good eye on seeing room for another shelf. Just need to pull one out & take it one town over & have it made.
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