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Richard Childress Racing's three NASCAR Sprint Cup Series cars had trouble in pre-race inspection Sunday.
After multiple trips through the line, NASCAR pulled the Nos. 3 of Austin Dillon, 27 of Paul Menard and 31 of Ryan Newman out of inspection and confiscated the braces in the right rear corners of their respective vehicles.
According to NASCAR, the parts in question were optional braces (brackets) in the rear-wheel area of the cars. NASCAR officials had them removed and will take the parts back to the R&D Center in Concord, North Carolina.
No penalties -- such as a loss of starting position -- are expected today or post-event, according to NASCAR.
Mike Dillon, general manager of Richard Childress Racing, said the team didn't replace the parts due to time.

Richard Childress Racing cars have parts confiscated | NASCAR.com
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I wonder if we'll see penalties later in the week.
It will be interesting to see what happens here.
I wonder if we'll see penalties later in the week.
The article said no race or post race penalties are expected, but Nascar can always make up their own rules and change later.
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Somebody snitched.
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