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Calling all members of the ROWDY NATION!! RCR welcomes ROWDY BUSCH driver of the #8 Chevy in 2023.
The NATION would like to thank JGR Coach Gibbs and M&M’s for all the amazing years driving their Toyota’s to 2 Cup Series Championships.

We are looking forward the bringing a Championship back to RCR and Team Chevy!!!
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I forgot lots of Kyle Busch HATERS here on DCZ. I love you all 😉👍🏻 😂😂
Names ...we need names!!!
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I didn't realize DCZ had that many ("lots") active members left. 🤣

I say ..... "Love him (Kyle Busch) or hate him, you have to respect him for his accomplishments in the sport."

As a Dale Sr. fan, I love the drama Kyle Busch brings to the sport .... the sport desperately needs more driver's with personalities and "hater" fans.
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