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$50 off all special finishes if you are a member? When I go to Lionel's website it says that members get $10 off elite diecast and a low shipping cost. There is no mention of $50 off special finishes.

This is the e-mail (salutation dependent on your member status)...

Dear Platinum Member,

Take advantage of one of the benefits of being a Platinum RCCA member!

From today until March 31, 2012 get $50 off PLUS FREE SHIPPING on any 2011 Special Finish RCCA ELITE Die-Cast!

Just use coupon code Q1DISC at check-out.

Hurry offer ends March 31, 2012!

This discount can be used for multiple 2011 special finish die-cast ($50 off each); however, they all have to be on the same order. Lionel/RCCA is motivated to move 2011 stagnant inventory.

I would suggest you call Lionel/RCCA customer service on Monday and they will be glad to help you.

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That is too deep for my wallet, but it is a sweet car! Is it one that you really want? If you REALLY want it, and you have the extra money, I say it might be worth it. With that being said, I'm not sure what others are charging for the same car.
I can't find any others. It is the one that I really want but the price is too high. I'll keep my eye out though.
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