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I've been doing some cleaning and I have several diecasts that I don't have any real attachment to. So I've decided to list them. All are 1:24 scale.

Getting cash for them isn't my priority. I would rather trade for one of the three pieces I'm looking for (2008 Landon Cassill National Guard in both scales and 2015 Landon Cassill O'Reilly CRC Promo in 1:24). After a week or two, if no one speaks up with what I'm looking for, then I'll start taking cash offers.

The following cars are up for trade. Bold equals a car that either is missing parts, has damage, or can be used as a great parts car.

1996 Jerry Eckman Pennzoil Action
1997 Warren Johnson GM Goodwrench Plus Action
1998 Jeremy Mayfield Mobil 1 Action
1999 Kerry Earnhardt Channelock Revell
1999 Kenny Irwin Havoline Winner's Circle
2000 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Budweiser/Olympics Action
2000 Kenny Irwin Bellsouth Team Caliber
2000 Kurt Johnson AC/Delco Action
2001 Kevin Harvick GM Goodwrench Action
2001 Kevin Harvick AOL/GM Goodwrench Action
2001 Steve Park Pennzoil/Looney Tunes Action
2002 Kerry Earnhardt Jani-King/Looney Tunes Action
2002 Kevin Harvick GM Goodwrench Action
2002 Ricky Craven Tide Racing Champions
2002 John Force Castrol GTX Action (Winner's Circle Quality)
2002 John Force Castrol GTX Action (Winner's Circle Quality)
2002 Kerry Earnhardt 10-10-220 Action (Bent Decklid Arm)
2003 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Budweiser/Staind Action
2004 Warren Johnson GM Goodwrench/School's Out Action (Missing Hood Scoop)
2004 Jeg Coughlin Jr. Jegs Action
2005 Kevin Harvick GM Goodwrench Action (Autographed in silver on roof, COA included)
2005 V. Gaines Kendall Oil Racing Champions
2006 Terry Labonte Kellogg's Action

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I think you just missed the 2008 national guard car on eBay a week or so ago, I'm not willing to get rid of mine but I'm interested in the 2002 Kerry Jani-King car if nobody wants to trade you for it
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