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Hey guys I usually go to Richmond every year or try so I go to the nationwide series race not the sprint to expensive lol anyways I get pit passes and go in the pits all day and hopefully get some cars signed I got these signed a few years ago
This was before Jeremy mayfield got in trouble with drugs I met him and ray and had both cars signed by them black sharpie sucked I wish they had silver

please note I ran after Carl Edwards in the pits desperately to get it signed I wasn't running with two cars in my hands lol thank god I got the scotts car signed I just missed Roush that day and it still makes me mad till this day I ran into his crew chief PK twice

I don't know why he signed the roof on the edge like that and with the ameriquest car this is the second time I ran into him out of all things I had a thin red sharpie and he signed the windshield sideways I don't know why he signed it sideways I know it's hard to see but it's there

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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