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i have 28 simpson helmets for sale-i think they are 1/4 scale.would like to sell them all to one person and get rid of them but will split up if no one wants all of them-make me an offer!!!they are as follows

jeremy mayfield rca
ward burton mbna america
bill elliiot mac tonight
jeff gordon (rainbow warriors?)has feather design on top
jeff gordon dupont(rainbow on top) NO BOX
michael waltrip citgo
ken schrader bud
brett bodine lowes
david green cat
(2)ted musgrave red,white,blue w/primestar & the family channel
joe nemechek burger king
robby gordon-red,white,blue w/ultra wheels/ford on front
red dog
shelly anderson western auto w/ girl taz
robert pressley skoal
cory mcclenathan mcdonalds
gil de ferran pennzoil
scott pruett pennzoil/firestone
chuck etchells mopar/lubrimatic
(3 in box-1 no box)chris karamesines greek

***this guy has alot of pics of what i have-better pics than i can take right now***


i'm not looking for his kind of prices tho so don't be shy about making me offers!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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