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Action is no more. Before the 2006 season NASCAR bought out both Action AND Team Caliber, merging them toghther to form Motorsports Authentics.

NASCAR decided (properly, too) to use the Action tooling and sold the Team Caliber tooling to the clothing company Checkered Flag Sports, which is going in and calling it, of cource, Checkered Flag Sports. AKA CFS.

Motorsports Authentics is producing 4 seperate lines in 2007.

RCCA- Available only to Club Members, these are what is formerly known as Elites and feature opening hoods and trunks. The cars are the priciest, as almost $20 a car.
Driver's Select- This is my favorite of the "new" items. They are made using what was formerly the RCCA Club Cars. Those are done from RCCA, but the tooling is being used for the Driver's Select. Even better, every single Cup car MA has announced (including the stuff that was ignored last year, like Kyle Petty, Tony Raines, etc. Also, all the Toyotas excpet Mayfield has been solicited) is being done in this form. These cars feature opening hoods, rubber tires, full window detailing and a metal, painted chassis. These cars are available at hobby shops.
Pit Stop- These are the discount cars. They have plastic wheels/tires, no window detail, and no opening trunk. They have a gray plastic chassis. They are doing every single car in this form, including a few Busch cars. They used the Team Caliber name but the cars are not TC. They are also avalilable at NASCAR hobby shops.
Winner's Circle- Although Winner's Circle has been around since 1997, they are fully under NASCAR (motorsports Autentics) control again this year. The Winner's Circle cars are the EXACT same as the Pit Stop cars, except WC has black chassis and the Pit Stops have a gray chassis. WC also has less cars in their lineup, although they do have more already in 07 then they did in 2006. These are are permanently sealed in their holders (probably in an effort to prevent stealing them) and are available at mass market retail, IE, Wal-Mart, Targer, Kmart, Etc.

I am only getting the Pit Stop and Winner's Circle cars that are not available in Driver's Select. For example, the #7 Geico Busch car was done only in Pit Stop, and Winner's Circle has a Scedule car that is not being done anywhere else.

Also, the cars that are carrying the "chrome" wheels, namely the Toyotas from Michael Waltrip's stables, have black wheels from the PitStop and WC lines. I would wager that they will have the proper Chrome wheels from Driver's Select.

I hope that helps!
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