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I have some stuff I wanna move, if interested, PM me...Here goes...make an offer either cash or trade...don't bother asking what I want, just make a cash or trade offer. I can be amused not offended, so throw a number out there, or some trade suggestions!
Coors Light Racing Banner (chrome colored banner w/Coors Light in White and black, facsimile Sterling Marlin signature)
Miller Lite Racing Banner (Blue lettering on white banner "Welcome Race Fans")
These banners are from my shop, and have never been out in the weather, so they are in excellent to near mint condition.
Jimmy Spencer 02' Target Intrepid 1 of 7,764
Jammie McMurray 04' Havoline Intrepid 1 of 8,976
Dale Earnhardt Jr. 02' "Gossemer" Monte Carlo 1 of 79,992
Kyle Bush 03' DiTech.Com Monte Carlo (autographed from Action w/COA) 1 of 2,400
Kevin Harvick 02' Sonic Monte Carlo1 of 21,768
Jerry Nadeau RCCA Club Car 03' Army Grand Prix 1 of 600
Kasey Kahne 04' UAW/Dodge Dealers "Refresh" Intrepid (auto'd from Fan Club w/COA and email from Kasey's sister who is in charge of his fan club stating that there were only 200 auto'd) 1 of 12,564
Ryan Newman 03' Alltel Intrepid Team Caliber Preferred 1 of 20,008
Jimmy Johnson Racing Champions Authentics 02 Lowes "Rookie" 02' Monte Carlo 1 of 999
Bobby LaBonte purple Advair, auto'd at Lake Erie Speedway two years ago. ARC 1/24 c/w/c
The cars are mint and the boxes and sleeves are near mint. The only wear is the typical shipping wear. Very little if any shelf wear.
Can send pics if needed, hope to turn these over and either get some cash or other cars for them. TIA guys!
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