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Gimme more Budweiser!!
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EVERYTHING MUST GO, JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE AND THE WIFE SAYS THERE IS NO ROOM! My entire collection of Star Wars has to go. I have multiples of about all of the POTF II figures and POTJ, including the Vader Removable Helmet and Slave Leia. I also have Clone Wars figures, loose vehicles and playsets, and Revenge of Sith figures. Lots to chose from! I can send a complete list to your email if interested. Everything must go!!!!

I don't want to list these on ebay, so make me an offer for as large a lot as you want. I will work with you within reason . . .

Star Wars Collection

Darth Vader Tie Fighter
Jabba the Hut and Han Solo
Dewback X 2
Dewback from A New Hope (classic)
Boba Fett w/ Jet Pack/missile
Snow Trooper E-Web cannon
Imperial Probe Droid
Rebel Battle Cannon (Hoth)
Tie Interceptor (Action Fleet)
Imperial Shuttle (Action Fleet)
B-Wing Fighter
Boba Fett’s Slave I
X-Wing Fighter X 3
A-Wing Fighter X 2
Millenium Falcon Carrying Case X 2
Tie Fighter X 2
B-Wing Fighter (Action Fleet)
Tie Bomber (Action Fleet)
Darth Vader Tie Fighter (Action Fleet)
Snow Speeder (Action Fleet)
Tie Fighter (Action Fleet)
Imperial Landing Craft (Action Fleet)
Millenium Falcon
Cantina @ Mos Eisley Playset
Speeder Bike X 4
Expanded Universe Speeder Bike w/ pilot
Cruise Missile Trooper
Expended Universe Airspeeder with Pilot
Stormtrooper Room Alarm
Jedi Spirits Box Set (Yoda, Ben, Anakin)
Expanded Universe Cloud Car with Pilot
Snow Speeder
“Gunner Station” Han Solo
“Gunner Station” Luke Skywalker
Deluxe Snow Trooper with E-Web Cannon

Carded Figures

Max Rebo - Doda Bodonawieedo band members
Darth Sideous X 2
Darth Maul X 3
Mon Mothma
R2-D2 w/ spring loaded tools
Ewoks - Wicket and Logray X 2
Lando Calrissian as Skiff Guard
Malakili (Rancor keeper)
Darth Vader with Removable Helmet X 5
Bib Fortuna
Death Star Trooper
Bespin Luke Skywalker X 2
Ponda Banda
Chewbacca (red card)
Rebel Fleet Trooper
Oola and Salacious Crumb
Lando Calrissian
Princess Leia
Jawa 2 pack
Tusken Raider
Luke Skywalker with blast helmet
Biggs Darklighter X 2
Han Solo with blaster pistol
Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear
Admiral Ackbar
2-1B Medical Droid
Darth Vader w/ Lightsaber
Imperial Sentinel
Klaatu (vintage) $30 shipped
Zuckuss X 2
Captain Piett X 2
Endor Rebel Soldier X 3
Snow Trooper X 3
Emperor’s Royal Guard X 4
Yavin Medal Ceremony Luke X 2
Saelt-Marae (Yak face) X 2
Princess Leia Ewok Celebration X 2
Grand Moff Tarkin
Princess Leia in Slave outfit X 3
Ishi Tib X 2
Lak Sivrak X 2
Princess Leia with Blaster pistol
Luke Skywalker in Pilot Gear
Princess Leia in Boushh disguise
Han Solo with Carbonite block
Bespin Han Solo
Hoth Rebel Soldier
AT-ST Driver
Lando Calrissian in General’s Gear
Nien Nunb
Mamaw Nado (Hammerhead)
Princess Leia and Wicket the Ewok 2 pack

Loose Figures

Sandtrooper from Dewback X2
Snowtrooper from E-Web set
Stormtrooper X 3
Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper armor
Darth Vader
General Veers
AT-AT Driver
AT-AT Driver (vintage)
Stormtrooper with Riot Control pack
Sandtrooper X 3
Sandtrooper officer with droid pack
Sandtrooper with binoculars
AT-ST driver
AT-ST driver (vintage) - tight, paint wear on front of boots
Luke Skywalker in Imperial Guard Armor
Imperial Scanning Officer
Imperial Officer (vintage)
Death Star Officer (vintage)
Grand Moff Tarkin
Snow Trooper
Tie Fighter Pilot X 2
Death Star Gunner
Chief Chirpa (vintage)
Luke Skywalker in Jedi Robe
Luke Skywalker in Endor outfit
Princess Leia in Endor outfit
Luke Skywalker from Tauntaun set
Gamorrean Guard
Rebel Soldier (from Hoth set with large laser)
Jawa X 2 (large and small)
Boba Fett X 2
Prince Xizor
Obi-Wan Kenobi Spirit (loose)
Princess Leia in Bousch outfit
Chewbacca in Bounty Hunter outfit
Luke in Hoth Gear
ASP-7 Droid
Emperor Palpatine
Han Solo in Endor Gear
Imperial Biker Scout X 2
A-Wing Pilot
Biggs Darklighter pilot
Luke Skywalker pilot (Hoth)
Wedge Antilles (from carry case)
Wedge Antilles (from 3 pack of pilots)
Jek Porkins pilot
Ten Numb (B-wing pilot from 3 pack)
B’Morr Monk Spider Walker

AOTC, ROTS, Others -- all carded unless otherwise noted

General Grievous - Sneak Preview #1
Dutch Vander, Gold Leader -- A New Hope
Luke Skywalker, pilot gear - Original Trilogy packaging, A New Hope
Stormtrooper - Original Trilogy Packaging, Return of the Jedi X2 PENDING
Star Wars Trilogy Commemorative Trilogy DVD Collection - Return of the Jedi 3 pack
Clone Pilot - Return of the Sith X2 carded
Clone Commander #33 ROTS- 1 loose, 1 carded
Clone Trooper #6 ROTS- 1 loose, 1 carded
Clone AT-TE Tank Gunner ROTS-- 1 loose, 1 carded
Target Exclusive Clone Trooper ROTS-- carded
Anakin Skywalker that changes to Darth Vader -- loose
Clone Trooper -- ROTS -- with jet pack and firing missile
Death Star Escape 3 pack
Emperor’s Guard (classic)loose
Han Solo -- Stormtrooper armor -- loose
Emperor (classic) -- loose
Stormtrooper (classic) -- loose X4
Clone Trooper (AOTC) -- loose, army builder - 5 marching, 5 fighting
Clone Commander Bacara -- 1 loose, 2 carded
12” Clone Trooper


Clone Trooper 3-Pack (Walmart Exclusive) X2, plus 1 loose
Anakin Skywalker (Mustafar)
Mace Windu -- loose
Senate Security (red) X3
Aayla Secura -- loose
Zett Jukassa X2
Commander Bly -- one loose, two carded
Battle Pack -- Jedi vs. Sith
Battle Pack -- Clone Attack on Coruscant
Clone Trooper -- Shock Trooper variant X7
Clone Trooper Army Builder -- white variant
Clone Trooper Army Builder -- blue variant -- loose
ROTS glass with Clone Trooper (Target exclusive)
Darth Vader on Operating Table -- loose
Darth Vader 500th Figure
M&M plush clone trooper
M&M Action Figure -- Clone Trooper + Darth Vader X2
M&M Action Figure -- Luke and Leia
M&M Action Figure -- Han Solo and Boba Fett
Galactic Heroes -- 501st Clone Trooper -- loose
Galactic Heroes -- Utapau Clone Trooper -- loose
Galactic Heroes -- Blue Clone Trooper -- loose
Galactic Heroes -- Kashyyk Clone Trooper -- loose
Tactical Ops Trooper X6
Unleashed Battlepack – Utapau Clone Troopers
Unleashed Battlepack – Battle of Utapau Commanders


Like I said above, it's got to go so I can have room for the NASCAR collection. I will work with you on lots big and small, everything is negotiable!!! Thanks!

Gimme more Budweiser!!
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I have the McQuarrie Darth Vader and the Animated Boba Fett that I found today at Wally World. Those are being held onto for the time being. Sorry . . .

Gimme more Budweiser!!
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PM me with an email address, and I will take pics with descriptions of the vintage items I have, rather than try to put them on here. I have a few loose items, and a Klaatu carded. Thanks!
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