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ok im looking at a 2003 rudd team caliber car on ebay, now it is still sealed in the package, i talked to the seller about it and he was very friendly about it but did not want to open the box, but he did provide me with both a production run and model #, all i need to know is which of the rudd air force cars this is, is the regular air force which has "Air Force" on the hood or is the other which was all light blue with a jet on the hood, here is the production number and model number 4,320 or product code which is #RD3P221CB.
I know a lot people confuse the two schemes and call them both the "Cross in the blue" scheme which i am still unclear about, but anyway please shed some light on this for me, as i already have the light blue one, but i am in need of the other.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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