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Just letting everybody know that the Season Opener at Daytona will be held Tuesday Night February 13th, 2006 at 8:00 CST 9:EST. You can sign up for the lague if you haven't yet at www.tclracing.com. You will also find a complete Schedule and will be able to check the points after each race each week there as well. Make sure you read the following rules for this series and the posted League Rules on TCLRacing.com as well. Also get this truck set http://www.masgrafx.com/masgrafxrac...&name=Downloads&file=index&req=getit&lid=3572. This will be the truck set we will use for the League.

1. Everyone must have a headset and have TeamSpeak downloaded to use during the race. This is not to be used as a chat line however...TeamSpeak is to be used to discuss setups, warn of accidents, or general race talk...if TS is abused then the abuser will be kicked off for the remainder of the event. If a racer joins a race and does not log onto teamspeak and announce they are there, they will be booted from the race/game. You do not need to talk, but you need to be aware as to what is going on with the other racers.
2. Restarts: - A maximum of 2 restarts if needed. Restarts will be held if 2 or more members need a restart.
3. Agressive Driving: - Blatent wrecks WILL NOT be tolerated. If any racer intentionally wrecks and hinders another racers finishing position due to the wreck then the racer who caused the wreck...if blatently...will NOT receive points for that event and can ultimately be banned from the rest of the event.
4. Rescheduling races: - The process for rescheduling a race will be as follows. Person who wishes to reschedule the race posts a poll that will last for 2 days and it must be posted no less then 3 days before a scheduled race. If the poll obtains the votes of at least 80 percent of all participating series members then it is considered to be a valid vote and its results are binding, whatever the outcome. If the poll does not receive the required 80% participation it is deemed to be a negative verdict against the requestor and the race will not be moved. If the vote to move the race carries, then the new race date will require the same 80% or better participation and agreement on the new date or the race will revert back to the regular schedule. IT IS THE BONUS OF THE REQUESTOR TO OBTAIN THE 80% PARTICPATION LEVEL AND TO ARRAGE THE NEW DATE.
5. Substitutions: - Since everyone has a busy life and a race may not be able to be rescheduled, a substitution for a race may be purchased for 3$ a race. There are 2 options for substitution and either may be decided by the series admin as a basis for substitution for the series/season.
6. Whining: - You do it, you are done. If you whine about something during the race, you will be removed and will gain no points for the event. If you whine about not being able to race due to some other commitment regardless if an attempt to reschedule the race has occurred, you will be warned. DO it twice and you will receive a suspension, do it a 3 rd time and you will be removed from the series. Contrary to what happens in NEXTEL CUP, real racers are not whiners.
7. Painting Cars: - A user is allowed 3 trucks per season, with the exception of “Special Event” races and theme races (like the rock and roll race, or the 4 th of july weekend). If a user reaches their limit of 3, the user may submit additional paints to run, but at a processing fee of 3 $ per submission/car. A Submission for a special event race/theme race may be used in that event and if it is used in another regular race, the user will pay the submission fee of 3 $ and may use the car for the rest of the season. Each car will be required to have a special Logo on the the front and rear of each truck. If anybody needs the logos you can find them here. http://www.diecastnuts.com/NR2003/Paint/TCL LOGOS.rar. If anybody needs helo with this please let em know so I can arrange to get these put on your trucks. All weekly car files will need to be downloaded by 7:00 CST/ 8:00 EST on the day of the race and weekly car file update will be posted if need be. When you paint your car and put it into the game please make sure you use a 0 in front of the number you are going to be running. This is only for the Points. It will show up as the regular number on the track.

If anybody has any quiestions concerning TCL Tuesday Thunder Series just shoot me a pm and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks
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