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Posted by: Amy Henderson

There have been some great commercials over the years featuring NASCAR drivers, though if you believe what you see, they wear firesuits and drive their racecars everywhere they go, and would apparently forget their own car number if it wasn’t embroidered on their pajamas. However, they can’t all be instant classics. Here are a few that, while memorable, are memorable for all the wrong reasons.

1. Denny Time

No time should ever be Denny Time. Ever.

2. Date night

What was he thinking? Wait, in retrospect, what was she thinking?

3. JJ’s pet porcupine

They make these handy things called gloves, Jimmie…

4. NAPA NO-how

The singing is bad enough. But the end seals the need for mental floss.

5. 2014 Indy 500 promo

OK, it’s not NASCAR, but it is racing and well, this is the wrongest of the wrong. Fair warning, you will never, ever unsee this…

The Frontstretch 5: NASCAR Commercials You Might Wish You Never Saw
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Anyone remember the Allstate commercials with Kasey Kahne? Those were particularly memorable for the wrong reasons.
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Okay, that Truex/Waltrip NAPA commercial was gold! I love Waltrip's self deprecating humor. And I remember those Kahne commercials, those were bad.
I remember that NAPA commercial! Still funny after all this time XD
My personal favorite was the Aaron's commercial with Kenny Wallace and the Waltrip's. It was a 50th anniversary commercial I'm pretty sure, in like 2005. That one was so especially bad that I found it hilarious.

This is the one I wish I could unsee the most...

A piece of dark meat slapping Michaels face as he tries to put it in his mouth. Enough said.
"Is that Octane 93 you're wearing?"
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Who in God's name thought that Indy 500 one was a good idea?
I remember the 2007 napa commercial with michael waltrip signing autographs and a guy had a diecast he had look like michael's crash at bristol back in '90
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