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I used to love NASCAR racing since the late 60s and early 70s, when it was still basic "STOCK CAR" racing. You got a car from Ford, Chevy, or Chrysler, hopped it up to conform with the rules and went racing. Over the years I adapted to the changes and new rules up until the mid 90s or so. My favorites were the Allison family and the Alabama Gang. There were others I liked well such as Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin, Dale Earnhardt, Richard and Kyle Petty, Michael and Darrell Waltrip, as well as many others. Once the races were televised every Sunday afternoon, you would find my butt parked in front of the TV all afternoon for several years.



Then Alan Kulwicki came along and he quickly became my main man with Davey Allison a close, very close second. I liked Alan due to the fact he was an underdog and from the north. And renaming his Thunderbird to Underbird with a Mighty Mouse sticker in the Hooters 500 was quite a surprise.



Alan worked his way up from the small dirt tracks of Wisconsin to be the 1992 NASCAR Champion, and gave us the most exciting race in NASCAR history. The 1992 Hooters 500. This still remains the most exciting race ever. So much was going on in that race with several drivers so close in points, it was a close race for the championship. Alan won and I could not wait for the 93 season to begin. When I heard the news on April 1, 1993 of Alan's death, it rocked my world a great deal and was a terrible blow to the whole NASCAR family. I stayed interested and watched the races every Sunday, but with a heavy heart. When I heard Davey had also lost his life on July 13, 1992 I lost it. I tried watching a few more races for a few years to follow, but all the Drivers with racing roots and racing in their blood was retiring and so was my interest.

After I learned that all the cars were built all the same and all after market racing parts that was pretty much it for me. Every car had a 358 cu.in. aluminum block engine. I also learned who ever donated the sheet metal to the teams, got to stick their logo on the car. There was no more Ford vs Dodge, no more Chevy vs Pontiac, no more Plymouth against Buick, and where in the hell did Toyota come from?
For me, knowing the history of NASCAR racing, I have not one shred of interest any longer. I feel it's a shame what NASCAR has become. It seems to be all about the all mighty dollar now days, and they will hire any cry baby kid driver that's willing to drive fast and turn left. I sure hate it that I have totally lost all interest in NASCAR and NHRA racing. A sport that I got soooooo much enjoyment and excitement from for soooooo many years. I have also noticed the fan base has dropped a great deal in both NASCAR and NHRA racing. I can remember there would be standing room only at the events way back when. It don't seem that way any longer. I really miss those days of racing!!!
I do still have all of the Racing Champion diecast cars I collected from the early 90s until 1994 in special cases I built for them. They still possess some seriously fond and exciting memories!!!



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I love the old racing as well it was way better back then I have been watching as many races as I can find and try to watch them in order I'm in 1987 right now I have learned so much about the sport and the history of it! I watched Davey Allison's first win not too long ago it's a shame that both him and Alan died.
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