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I came here in the Fall 2008 after scanning google for some diecast and was amazed about this forum. I had been a part of auto, airplane, and historical forums, but could never find a niche for auto racing. And well, I found it here. Going on my second year of being a member I have met a lot of really cool people that I've never had the priviledge of meeting in person. (That will change this year at Dover!) When my grandfather passed away this past Christmas, I was in the worst shape of my life. He was my friend and taught me everything I know about mechanics and just about everything else in life. The support and true compassion I received from the DCZ community really changed my rigid thinking about people in general. I also remember reaching my 1,000th post, a day that I have enshrined in my heart... just kidding. I wanted to give a shout out to some of my buddies on here. First, Believe was perhaps the nicest guy in that he sent me a free Tony Stewart figure the first week I came here on behalf of my joining the forum. Second, rtl24pyscho aka Bruce, I've probably had more transactions with than anybody else. He's a great guy, customizer, and a good friend. Third, Checker Flag Zone aka Kyle Bailey. One of the nicest guys on here, gret business and products. Always reliable! Couple more guys, Reutimann_00, minicup, MTruex56 And for the rest of you that I had the great time of chatting with before, thank you. I've had so much fun on here , especially with sponsorship program that I've been pretty annoying with at some times. If all goes well, and I am praying to GOD that it does, the TGR sponsorship will be a success and that will be one milestone DCZ and its members can remember. Before I go, I want to thank Franklin and Brandy for their hard work and dedication of maintaining and supporting this site. I am probably on here more than my email, so thank you. To all members, thanks for everything and I hope to continue interacting with all for years to come. God Bless all of you and this great country in which I am honored to be living. GO TONY STEWART!!!
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