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Written by Bobby Bennett.

There’s another Musi headed into the fast doorslammer ranks.
Lizzy Musi, the youngest daughter of Pro Street icon Pat Musi, is now a licensed Top Sportsman racer. She earned her license recently during a test session in Bradenton, Fla., while driving John Lee's EFI, nitrous-injected Camaro.
The licensing procedure only confirmed the inevitable – that she was destined to be a drag racer.
“I have been around racing my whole life,” said Musi, a former Junior Dragster racer. “I remember going to race after race traveling all of the time with me my sister, and my Mom and Dad during the Pro Street days. I was told I was pulling the Lenco Levers in my Dad’s car by myself before I could even walk.”
Driving is the natural progression for Musi, who admits when not at the race track spends her time in the family’s race shop lapping valves, plumbing manifolds, taking them apart, and indexing plugs.
And who inspired this girly-girl to be a seasoned gearhead?
“My dad, of course,” Musi admitted.
Musi was offered the opportunity to attend college but chose to remain at home and tend to the family business.
“Deep down inside of me, I knew that racing runs in my blood coming from a mom that raced and a father who has been racing his whole life,” she explained. “I know I would never have any other passion for something else. For years, I wanted to drive a car like my dad and be successful like him someday.”
During Musi’s licensing/testing sessions, she has run as quickly as a 4.40 eighth-mile and a 6.96 quarter-mile on a mild, two-stage nitrous tune-up.
“I’d like to thank John Lee for giving me this opportunity,” said Musi.
“I couldn't have done any of this without the help of my Family and Friends who have made all of this possible for me. Special thanks to my No. 1 teacher my Father, My Mom for supporting and helping me. John and Annette Hall helping me during my runs and being supportive throughout it all. Thanks to Joe Dunne for helping me during my runs and Joe Mama for helping me with the wiring of the car.
“Credit also goes to Clayton and the guys from Chassis Engineering for redoing some chassis work my father wanted done, and the car looks and works great. I would also like to thank Rickie Smith for being the second driver for signing off my license, and helping me during testing.”
Musi’s initial plans are to run in the ADRL’s Summit Top Sportsman division.
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