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If you have never been to the Trophy Cup it is worth the trip west to see.Now with the addition of the non wing Trophy Cup you will see even more of the BIG NAME drivers out West.Make your reservations now dont miss out.This is the last year for this great race.

by Ron Rodda
Three more entries have been received for the first ever Nonwing Trophy Cup, increasing the total to nine for a race nearly six months away. With a maximum allowed entry level of 60, the likelihood is that number will be reached well before the October 18th date for the inaugural race. Nonwing 360 sprints will provide the Thursday evening entertainment, capped by two A mains, the second of which is completely inverted.
Tulare Thunderbowl will be the host for this $21,000 event that will follow the one day Trophy Cup format not used since 1996. The first three Trophy Cup races were one day shows at San Jose Fairgrounds Speedway and two main events were run in one evening. Following the nonwing night, the winged 360s take over on Friday and Saturday, racing for approximately $88,000.
The most recent entrants includes former San Jose resident, Randy Hannagan, who will be making a rare nonwing start for the veteran traveler. Hannagan is now an Indiana resident and has competed in nearly every Trophy Cup. He will be one of the more experienced drivers in the nonwing field, although he has few starts without a wing involved.
An entry has been received from California’s busiest sprint car racer, Andy Forsberg. If there is a sprint car race somewhere in the state, there is a strong potential of Forsberg racing. His experience is mostly in winged sprints, but he does have numerous nonwing starts over the years. Forsberg won 13 main events in 2011 along with a pair of championships in winged 360 racing.
After first racing a nonwing sprint in the heavier and lesser powered spec sprint class, Ryan Bernal moved into an injected nonwing 360 and has enjoyed much success. Last year in the USAC West Coast series, Bernal was on the podium 10 of the 16 races held for the group. His ten appearances were equally split between finishing first and second with his 5 wins coming over a 7 event stretch.
These drivers as well as all Trophy Cup entrants are supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation as all entry fees are donated to the organization.
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